Question: What Did Mahalia Jackson Die From?





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Mahalia Jackson

American gospel singer

What did Mahalia Jackson accomplish?

Born Mahala Jackson on October 26, 1911, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Charity Clark and Johnny Jackson, she became one of gospel music’s all-time greats, known for her rich, powerful voice that cultivated a global following.

When did Mahalia Jackson pass away?

January 27, 1972

What was Mahalia Jackson’s net worth?

Mahalia Jackson net worth: Mahalia Jackson was an American gospel singer who had a net worth equal to $24 million at the time of her death, after adjusting for inflation. The value of her estate was $4 million at the time she died in 1972.

Where was Mahalia Jackson buried?

Providence Memorial Park, Metairie, Louisiana, United States

Was Mahalia Jackson ever married?

Sigmond Galloway

m. 1964–1967

Isaac Hockenhull

m. 1936–1941

Is Mahalia Jackson still alive?

January 27, 1972, Little Company of Mary Hospital, Evergreen Park, Illinois, United States

When did Mahalia Jackson get married?

July 2, 1964

(Sigmond Galloway)


(Isaac Hockenhull)

Did Mahalia Jackson sing at MLK funeral?

Franklin attended King’s Atlanta funeral. She sang it during Mahalia Jackson’s funeral four years later and again in 2011 during the dedication of King’s Washington memorial.

When was Mahalia Jackson born?

October 26, 1911

Mahalia Jackson was born on October 26, 1911, in New Orleans, Louisiana, she became a leading singer in Gospel music, known for her rich, powerful voice. After moving to Chicago in the late 1920s, Mahalia Jackson joined the Greater Salem Baptist Church, and soon became a member of the Johnson Gospel Singers.

Who was Mahalia Jackson’s pianist?

Weaver has been playing the organ for the last 54 years, 28 of them as the great Mahalia Jackson`s accompanist. It was 40 years ago that she was taught gospel music by songwriter, pianist and singer Robert Anderson.

Did Mahalia Jackson go to school?

Born in New Orleans in 1911, Mahalia Jackson grew up in a shotgun home shared by 13 people. Raised by her Aunt Duke after her mother died in 1917, economic circumstances forced Jackson to quit school and work at home when she was in fourth grade.

Did Mahalia Jackson have siblings?

Wilmon Jackson


Roosevelt Hunter


Yvonne Jackson


John A. Jackson, Jr.


Pearl Jackson


What is Mahalia?

The girl’s name Mahalia \ ma-halia, maha-lia\ is pronounced ma-HAL-yah, ma-HAYL-yah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Mahalia is “tender one”. Also possibly from an Aramaic name meaning “marrow”.

Who played Annie in imitation of life?

Juanita Moore