What Genres Of Music Did Black People Create?

African-American music styles

  • Country music.
  • Barbershop music.
  • Blues.
  • Bebop.
  • Boogie woogie.
  • Delta Blues.
  • Disco.
  • Doo-wop.

What genre is black music?

These genres include negro spiritual, gospel, rumba, blues, bomba, jazz, salsa, R&B, samba, rock and roll, calypso, soul, cumbia, funk, ska, reggae, dub reggae, house, detroit techno, hip hop, gqom, afrobeat, funk carioca, and country.


  1. Boogie-woogie.
  2. Blues.
  3. Chicago house.
  4. Detroit techno.
  5. Disco.
  6. Doo-wop.
  7. Funk.
  8. Jazz.

What genres of music originated in America?

The music history of the United States includes many styles of folk, popular and classical music. Some of the best-known genres of American music are blues, rock and roll, and country. The history began with the Native Americans, the first people to populate North America.

What music did slaves listen to?

Today, slave music is usually grouped in three major categories: Religious, Work, and “Recreational” songs. Each type adapted elements of African and European musical traditions and shaped the development of a wide range of music, including gospel, jazz, and blues.