Who Was Mahalia Jackson’s Pianist?

Weaver has been playing the organ for the last 54 years, 28 of them as the great Mahalia Jackson`s accompanist.

It was 40 years ago that she was taught gospel music by songwriter, pianist and singer Robert Anderson.

What did Mahalia Jackson die of?


Who influenced Mahalia Jackson?

Brought up in a devout Christian family, Jackson still found herself influenced by the secular sounds of blues artists like Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey. Jackson’s sanctified style of performance would also rely upon freer movement and rhythm when contrasted to the styles seen in more conservative congregations.

When did Mahalia Jackson die?

January 27, 1972

Who were Mahalia Jackson parents?

John A. Jackson, Sr.


Charity Jackson


Who was Mahalia Jackson’s husband?

Sigmond Galloway

m. 1964–1967

Isaac Hockenhull

m. 1936–1941

What was Mahalia Jackson’s net worth?

Mahalia Jackson net worth: Mahalia Jackson was an American gospel singer who had a net worth equal to $24 million at the time of her death, after adjusting for inflation. The value of her estate was $4 million at the time she died in 1972.

Where did Mahalia Jackson die?

Little Company of Mary Hospital, Evergreen Park, Illinois, United States

Where was Mahalia Jackson buried?

Providence Memorial Park, Metairie, Louisiana, United States

Where Mahalia Jackson grew up?

Mahalia Jackson spent a lifetime singing the sacred songs that she loved. “The Queen of Gospel Song” was born on October 26, 1911, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jackson grew up singing gospel at the Plymouth Rock Baptist Church, where her father was a preacher.